AV Requirements

PA system appropriate to venue 

- Mixer, speakers, monitors, relevant power and cables 
- Phantom power as ukulele has pickup that needs power 
- Extra xlr for the uke extension 
- 3x boom microphone stands and 3x vocal mics (sm58) 
- 4x xlr-xlr 

Sound technician with mixing desk 
- To be on site throughout the event 

Bass amp 
- Something hitting about 500- 800 watt, speaker cabs as recommended for given venue 
- D/I and related cables if necessary 

Guitar cabinet 
- 1x guitar cab, 16 ohm 
- 1x valve amp with reverb (Fender Twin or similar) 
- 2x powerbars 
Drum kit 
- Bass drum (standard size is fine, drummer will provide own bass pedal) 
- 12” rack tom, 16” floor tom 
- Snare stand and 14” snare 
- Hi-hat stand and hi-hat cymbals 
- 3 x cymbal stands with boom arms and 1 x ride and 2 x crash cymbals 
- Drum stool 
- Drum mat (or a piece of carpet) to stop drum kit sliding across floor 
- Related stands and mics (if needed) 

Lighting rig 
- To be advised based on venue

Contact Dr Sam for any further clarification: info@thewhiskyband.com

Stage plot (subject to change, full details closer to event)